Friday, May 30, 2008

Something to ponder on...

These are a couple of clips from a lecture given by Rob Bell. He's a Christian lecturer that we stumbled upon. Though there are some parts of what he says that we do not agree with (the nature of God), he still puts forth some really interesting insights into our existence. It's worth a brief listening. Let us know what you think...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bathtime Fun

William has always loved his baths. Even when he was a newborn he would completely relax as soon as he was put in the water. But now that he can be in the big bathtub and can splash and wiggle and play he REALLY loves his bath. Its funny because he can be really cranky all day and I will put him in a bath and it's as if a switch is flipped and he becomes the happiest kid in town. So we took some pictures from his bath time and I thought they were pretty cute. Oh and don't worry-they're censored :)

Here he is sitting up on his own in the tub-he has been very happy to be able to do this!

In this one he is splashing like a crazy man! I had already retreated somewhat because I was pretty wet at this point from him having so much fun. It's funny because he gets it all over his face and it doesn't even phase him. He just laughs and splutters and splashes some more. I sure love this kid!!

William has some bath toys that are a fishing pole and some little sea creatures that squirt water. Here he is inadvertently squirting himself in the eye. Once again, it doesn't phase him.

I love that he loves the water so much! He definitely gets it from me. I don't ever remember not loving and feeling completely comfortable in the water. I still remember swimming lessons when I was 3. My best friend was 4 and in the same class as me and I thought I was so cool because I wasn't afraid to put my head under water and she was. :) Yep, he's my little boy!