Saturday, July 11, 2009


I've been thinking this evening about how in two short months (or less) my time with William as my only child will come to a close forever. And that thought made me kind of sad, and also made me reflect on how I choose to spend my time these last weeks. Lately it has seemed like my energy level has dropped and William's has skyrocketed making it hard for me to keep him occupied, and also making me less and less patient with him. But in thinking about it, I think that most of my impatience and irritation has come because I am focusing on myself and my own desires, instead of on my son. And that's not the kind of mom I want to be.

So for these last 2 months, I am going to try to make William my true priority. I want to spend my time making wonderful memories with him, letting him know how special and loved and precious he is to me. I want him to know that his Momma always has time and attention to give him, even when I'm in the middle of doing the dishes or working on a project.

I know that this will mean making some sacrifice of my personal comfort and a reajusting of my way of thinking, but I know it will be worth it if I can look back on this one on one time we have together and see that our relationship has been strengthened and nurished. And hopefully we will form habits and traditions that will help us to continue to grow even after Isaac joins us. And he will just be a wonderful addition to the time we spend together.