Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Favorites

I saw someone do a "Friday Favorites" post on their blog once and I am thinking I might try it out. Basically I will just write about whatever favorite things I want.  It might be completely random, or might have some kind of theme.  We'll just see how it goes.

Today I decided to do four favorites from TODAY.

1-  This face:

How can that not be a favorite?  He steals my heart all over again every day and today he was belly laughing when I was tickling his feet! One of my favorite things ever is to hear my children's belly laughs.  This guy has managed to not only steal my heart but the heart of his brothers as well.  Isaac refers to him as "mine baby" and can't look at him without a gooey sappy smile, and William sat next to him on the floor just talking and looking at him forever this morning. Love those sweet kids.

2- The storm we've had today has definitely been a favorite.  I walked outside earlier before it even started raining and the fresh storm smell washed over me and I wanted to just stand out there and drink it in forever! I love listening to the thunder and watching the clouds roll in. I love that we get bursts of really really heavy rain and then light drizzle or nothing, and then all of a sudden it will just dump again for a few minutes.  I also love watching my kids play out in the rain with their umbrellas. Too bad I didn't get a picture! Also too bad that I don't have anyone to snuggle with as I listen to the rain.  I guess I'll just have to have some chocolate to keep me company.

3- Spending time with friends.  This week Chris has been working in Montana and it has gone by pretty quickly because we have spent a lot of time doing fun things and hanging out with friends.  Today we ended up at Leia's house with Leia and Elizabeth. Hard to believe that it's been 3 years since we all lived right next to each other in Rexburg and that we've all ended up in Idaho Falls.  
I love that we all have babies.  I bet you'd never guess that Elijah is the youngest of the bunch.  Handsome Luke is 4 weeks older and sweet little dainty Ella is 6 weeks older!

4- I thought I was going put that this song was a favorite today because it has been one of my favorite feel-good songs lately. However, I had my itunes on random and right after listening to the Josh Turner song this song came on, and I realized that as much as I love listening to fun songs they will never lift my spirit and speak to my soul the way that classical music does.  Listening to Bach's Air tonight made me feel as if I remember what it is like to live with God. Sorry Josh, but you just got completely trumped!