Friday, December 30, 2011

William's Ice Fishing Pole

 William has been day time potty trained since he was two.  However, for a couple of reasons including the fact that he goes to the bathroom much more frequently than a lot of kids (both day and night) it has taken him a while to be night trained.

We really haven't pushed it very hard, although I have offered some incentives, and I did try waking him up at nights to go for a little while, but neither of those things made a whole lot of difference.  He would wake up to go to the bathroom by himself some nights and keep his pull-up dry, but most nights wouldn't.

All of a sudden, towards the beginning of November he started staying dry.  Since then (so basically in the last two months) he has only had 3 accidents.  He now wakes up by himself between 1-3 times a night to go to the bathroom, and a few times has gone the whole night without waking up.

When he had gone about the first week keeping his pants dry I asked him how/why he was staying dry now and he told me, "I just got tired of wiggling so much at night."  Ha! Apparently he finally just figured out it was easier to get up and go than to be uncomfortable.  Now to potty train Isaac. I was going to do it this week but....

As a reward for staying dry for so long Chris took him to Sportsman's and they picked out his very own ice fishing pole.  William was/is ecstatic! They've already been out with it a couple of times and are out again today.  This kid is a fisherman through and through.  Here's a picture from Henry's Lake a few weeks ago.  Will could hardly sleep the night before because he was so excited and was up and ready to be out at 5:00 am.  Chris said that even when he was cold he was a trouper and fun to be with.