Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Fun

It seems weird to talk about summer fun in May in Idaho, but we've had some amazingly warm summery weather here the last week so we've been enjoying it to the fullest! The boys are already turning into little brown things with flip flop tan lines.  I love it!

Here are some pictures of the fun we've been having: 

Yesterday they were playing outside in the water so I just brought their lunches outside and they picnicked on a blanket

Soaking wet, enjoying the sunshine and the food...

William was telling me "I can't smile mom.  The sun is too bright!"

Green smoothie face!
A super cute moment.  They had both finished their food and were just snuggling together basking in the sunshine.  Isaac was rubbing William's back and singing him a song.  I love that he has green smoothie all over his face and arm!

 Of course we can't forget the immense fun that is shoveling manure (in flip flops no less...). No wonder they need a shower every day and I have twice as much laundry this time of year!

And here is a video of one of their new favorite activities.  My favorite part about this video is that when they watch it they laugh hysterically at themselves.  I guess I should get a video of them watching the video...

Some other things we've done that I sadly don't have any pictures of are:

-Building the first fire in the fire pit of the year and roasting hot dogs
-Having the Hunter's over for tin foil dinners and smores
-Chris camping out with the boys in the backyard (while I enjoyed my nice comfortable bed :))
-Snuggling in the hammock
-Taking a "Mommy and William" walk down to the canal
-Playing at the park
-Playing with the chickens of course!

Yay for nice weather! We hope there are lots more nice days to come!