Saturday, August 20, 2011

Warm Springs

I am trying to sort through all the pictures we took on our amazing trip to Oregon last week for a family reunion, but I thought I'd take a minute and put up some pictures of the fun little trip we took to Warm River/Warm Springs today. We are trying to maximize all the summer time left before Chris goes back to school because he will be in school and/or working every day of the week except Sunday :(.

We have been talking about trying to do some hikes with the kids lately, and while in Oregon we went on a little hike and the kids did great, so we thought we would try it again today. There is a pretty easy hike up at Warm River that goes through a train tunnel, and is really well kept and not very uphill so we thought it would be a place to start.

We learned a valuable lesson: hiking in the shade in 60 degree weather at the coast is WAY different than hiking on an exposed trail at noon in 90 degree weather. It doesn't make for very contented kids! And the train tunnel was closed because it had caved in somewhat since the last time we had been there. Bummer. We did get a picture in the opening before the gate though. Not long after this picture we decided to book it back to the car and drive up to Warm Springs to play in the water. William was so hot that Chris ended up carrying him on his Shoulders the whole way back.

Here's a view from the trail. I love the mountains!
You can see part of the springs in the back left of this picture. The water comes rushing straight out of the mountain. It's pretty cool and REALLY cold. It didn't seem to phase Isaac though. We had trouble keeping him out of it. He LOVES the water.
I love these fishermen! Chris didn't feel the cold of the water or the weight of William on his back the whole time they were out there, and William didn't feel the heat, even though he had been complaining about it before. Makes me smile :)
And this one of Isaac shows just how excited he is to be in the water! About 2 seconds after I took this picture he slipped and went all the way under. I grabbed him right away and pulled him up, and he wasn't even bothered. A little surprised maybe, but no big deal. Crazy kid!