Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween and Birthday Party Catch Up

I've been meaning to post pictures of Williams's birthday party for a while now, and now I also have halloween to do as well, so I'll just post lots of pictures!


These are pictures of our adorable little puppy dog. Originally my plan was to have William be toto, me be Dorothy and Chris be the Scarecrow, but of course, as things go I didn't finish William's costume until right before our ward halloween party a week before halloween. So instead Chris and I did impromptu pirate costumes. We were all actually a big hit at the party, but sadly we didn't take any family pictures. I think we are all a little depressed because our small camera got lost\stolen a couple of weeks ago. We still have Chris's big nice camera, but I don't really know how to use it well and it's hard to take around with you.

Anyway, William's costume turned out ADORABLE and everyone loved him (but I think his mother more than anyone). On the actual night of halloween we went to the annual halloween costume that the symphony does. I was in it for a couple of years and it is such a fun concert with lights, costumes, sets, a silly story line, singers, dancers etc. We dressed William up again, but Chris and I didn't really feel like it. We didn't do any actual trick or treating, but I figure that at this age the less candy William is exposed to the better.

Birthday Party: (all of the captions are for the pictures above them)

William was a little unsure about the whole candle thing. So was his mom!

He wasn't so much a fan of the actual cake, but he really loved sucking the frosting off the end of the candle. He didn't want to give it up when all the frosting was gone so we just kept dipping it back in the cake.

William and his cute cousin Trey

He eventually decided to get into the cake a little more.

Trey was very excited about helping William open his presents! You can also see my sister Mary, William's friend Sebastian, and part of his cousin Jain.

William eventually got the hang of opening his own presents though.

Looking at the adorable book Grandma and Grandpa Hall gave him.

Playing with cars from Sebastian

I made William this fleece blanket because he had been sleeping with my pink one for quite a while. He loves to hold on to the ties at the end and rub them on his face, or just feel them with his fingers. As you can see from the picture he loves to snuggle with soft things! It's like a reflex-if his face touches something soft, especially something like fleece, he automatically lies down and snuggles with whatever it is. It is one of my favorite things!

Anyway, there are a ton more pictures that I would like to post, but I have to stop myself. I didn't post a whole lot of the people who came, but it was a lot of fun with a lot of people. My parents and sister came, William's Grandma Cutler and Great Grandma Blaylock, and Chris's sister Katherine with her kids Trey and Jain. We also had our neighbors Chris and Elizabeth Sant with Sebastian, and Nate and Allie Dickson with Keith. It was a lot of fun to have everyone over and William had a blast and was exhausted by the end.