Friday, April 17, 2009


That's right! We are pleased to announce

Unmaker 2: The Sequel*

And we are so excited! I kept telling myself that it was possible for us to have a little girl next, but deep down I really think I knew that this was a boy, and Chris actually felt the same way although he didn't admit it until after we found out. I honestly would have been fairly shocked if it was a girl. And although the idea of dresses and bows is VERY appealing, I could not be more thrilled to have two little tow headed boys who want to go fishing with their daddy.

*William is officially The Unmaker i.e. one who takes things apart, creates chaos, and generally un-makes

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Lately every time William sees a baby in the store, or a picture of a baby (when I'm looking at blogs etc.) he gets this cute grin on his face and says really sweetly Bebe!! (baby). We had some friends over for dinner on Sunday who have a little girl who is 2 or 3 months old and he was really sweet and gentle with her. We brought out our boppy for them to lay her on and now when he sees the boppy he gets excited and says Bebe! again. It's really cute.

He also has taken to wanting to give me kisses on my stomach. I absolutely love it! I'm just hoping that this fascination and excitement for babies will last when he finds he has one permanently installed in his house, taking up his mothers time, attention and energy and crying all the time. Keep your fingers crossed!!

*Some exciting news to come this week!!*

Monday, April 13, 2009


Congratulations to Chris! It's kinda weird, but as of Friday, our time at college for undergraduate work came to a close. Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History and we are happy and excited to see what comes next in our lives. Here are a couple of pictures. It was kind of bright, so it was hard to get William to smile. Oh well!

(William was trying to give Daddy a kiss too, but the tassle kept getting in the way)
Chris with his parents-Isn't my husband handsome?!!! Even in a funny hat!
Us with my parents. William was off chasing dogs by this point, not to be contained for pictures!

After the ceremony we all went out to lunch, then our parents left and we went home, all had a nap, and then Chris went out fly fishing and caught a whole passle of fish. All in all a good day!!

I love you honey!! I'm so proud of you!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

18 Month Stats

Height: 30 1/4 inches
Weight: 21 lbs. 10 oz.
Head: 18 3/4 inches
(Super brainy for his size!)

I had to document this because I think this is the first (and may be the only) time my child has been to the doctor for a well-baby check on time. It's just something I struggle with-perhaps because he is pretty much just a healthy kid so I don't feel super pressed to take him in. Or maybe I'm just negligent :).

It's actually pretty funny because even though William is in the 4th percentile for weight he actually seems pretty chunky because he is so short (5th percentile). He definitely isn't what you would call skinny.

One other thing I thought was funny was that at 18 months they do an autism screening (just a series of questions) and my pediatrician said "I guess we can go ahead and do the autism screening, but I can already tell you, he definitely isn't autistic." It made me laugh.

It's crazy to me that he is already a year and a half! Where does the time go?