Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mommy's Big Helper

When I do the dishes I usually have the choice between waiting until William is asleep, or doing the dishes with a boy standing at my legs crying to be held. Yesterday I really wanted to do the dishes while he was awake, but was definitely not in the mood for a whiny child. So I figured-why not? I'll just let him help. So I rolled up his pant legs and sleeves, set him on the counter and gave him a scrub brush. It was a hit!!! He had an absolute blast, and even though he was completely drenched and soapy by the time and there was soap all over the counter, it was totally worth it to have such a happy boy. It was really fun to see him help me scrub the dishes, the sink, the counter and anything else he could reach. I finally grabbed the camera after I was done. Just so you know, he didn't actually stick his feet in the water until after all the dishes were done.

After I was done and had drained the water, I turned on the faucet to rinse out the soap suds, and William immediately decided that was his cue to go all the way into the sink. He had so much fun playing in the faucet and letting the water run on him while he scrubbed the other sink.

It's times like these that just make me love being a mother!!

In other William news, this morning William was sitting on the floor in the middle of the living room, and Chris was sitting on the couch. Chris said, "William, stand up and walk to me." And guess what William did? He stood up (without help) and walked to Chris. He's totally been playing us!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Sad Evening

This evening I was cooking spaghetti for dinner and as I took the pot of spaghetti from the stove to the sink to strain it, William decided he really needed to be held and grabbed onto my legs whining to be picked up. This had disastrous results because as he did this and I poured the scalding water into the strainer, some hit the side and splashed onto his arm. Needless to say, he screamed hysterically for a little bit and I cried and his poor little elbow was all burned and blistered. Overall he was actually a pretty good sport, and luckily it only got him a little bit, but I still felt SO bad.
After I ran it under cold water and put aloe vera on it he was much better so we ate dinner and since he ended up with spaghetti all over him I figured it was time for him to take a bath. I didn't want to put the water too warm because it always hurts on burns, so I just put in luke warm water, closed the bathroom door and turned on the little baseboard heater that was in there. He played pretty well, and after a while decided he was ready to be done so I was going to grab a new washcloth out of the hall closet. I figured it was pretty warm in the room, so I leaned down to turn off the heater and as I was standing up opened the door rather quickly. Too bad I didn't quite get my head out of the way first. The corner of the door smacked me so hard right on the eyebrow bone and I have a nice goose egg that developed within about a minute. I'm sure I'll have a black eye tomorrow.
The best part about it was that when Chris got home a little bit later and learned what happened he LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY!!!!! (Not about William's arm, just about my head) Honestly-what kind of sympathy is that? So I figured I deserved to lie on the couch with a bag of snow on my head and a bowl full of chocolates beside me and watch a Jane Austen movie.
Sorry, I didn't take any pictures of any of it. I've been too traumatized by the whole evening. Luckily William seems to be sleeping pretty well so far. Poor little guy!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

World's Water Problem...

This guy has come up with a couple pretty amazing inventions!!! Clean water is a big issue facing our world. There are companies trying to turn clean water into a commodity, while there are other people, like this guy, who are fighting for water to be a free part of life.

I'm currently in an African History class, and this is one of the issues that we've been discussing. Highly fascinating. Let me know what you think. :)