Monday, April 7, 2008

Picture frustrations

Just to let you know, the last entry I made was having serious trouble with the pictures for some reason. I tried to put them in there every way I could think of, but for some reason-although they told me they were there only two would show up. Let me tell you-I was severely frustrated!! I finally threw up my hands in despair and decided to do a slideshow. So check out the previous entry and look at the pictures you couldn't look at before.

Stupid technology! You love it until it doesn't work!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A...couple of the life of William

I guess I can't say a day in the life of William because all of this stuff just happened within a few hours. I look at these pictures and it just makes me want to wiggle because my child is so sweet and precious and adorable. I think mothers need days like this to help them keep a good perspective.

We went to General Conference this morning at the stake center and William got to wear his new suit that Grandma Cutler bought for him. He was so devestatingly handsome that it was a good thing there were no 6 month old girls in sight, although I did catch an 11 month old making eyes at him!

Later he got his rice cereal lunch-yummm! (He thinks so!) He is so funny when we feed him cereal-he opens his mouth as soon as the spoon is within sight. He looks just like a little bird.

After his nap he was sitting on Chris playing contentedly for quite a long time which is unusual for him. One of the things that kept him so entertained was his big toe. Apparently it was very appetizing! So were the tassels on my pink felt blanket, but we already knew he liked those. :)

Next he got dressed in his super cute new outfit-which I bought at Once Upon a Child for 11 dollars total (sweater, pants and shoes)-so that we could go to Idaho Falls and eat dinner with Chris's family. Once again he was so cute we just had to take some more pictures! Hope you enjoy this slideshow-you can click on it to see the pictures big. I like them better that way.