Friday, April 29, 2011



Is very excited to be done with this book once and for all on Tuesday! It's very rare that Chris finds something that he just doesn't like learning about, but he found it with a vengeance these last two semesters. It's not that he can't understand physics, he just found something that he really has very little interest in. We are very glad that this semester is almost over!


Has decided to read a non-fiction book every month. I've always liked reading, but generally prefer fiction, although if a subject interests me I can usually enjoy a non-fiction book as well. However, I really don't read nearly as much as I wish I did since I've had kids, so I've decided to go back to school and learn some new things on my own. Here's my book for May. Sorry, this is the only picture I could find.
If anyone has any suggestions about other books I should read, please feel free to comment! I need suggestions and am open to most subjects, although I'm leaning toward things that will help me in my role as wife and mother and homemaker right now.


William has been sick quite a bit in the last few months so we have done a lot of reading. William has always loved having me read to him, and in the last while has really progressed beyond wanting just picture books. We have started reading books that have hardly any pictures and that take us a while to read, and he is able to pick up where we left off the time before, and will sit quietly and listen for as long as my voice holds out. One of the books we read I thought was so sweet and beautiful. It's called "The Sea is Blue", and I highly recommend it. I think I enjoy reading with William as much as he enjoys reading with me :).


Unlike William, Isaac has NEVER liked sitting and listening to books. He usually lasts 1-2 pages and then is off to be busy. He is such a doer! Lately, however, I've found that if we lay him in his bed and then read him a book before he goes to sleep then he will gladly read with us. I think that he really likes to be able to see our faces and the book at the same time. He is now very attached to one book:
Good thing I like this book! If I try to read any other book first, he throws a huge fit and won't let me read. As soon as I bring out this book he calms down and lays quietly. If I've read this one to him then he will very happily listen to any other book as long as it has fun pictures. It's funny how particular kids can be!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Know Anyone Getting Married?

We know some great photographers who are offering an awesome special right now. You can check out their website here.

The Rognons took some wedding pictures of us a year ago (read about it and see more pictures here) and we loved the pictures we got.

Believe me when I say that if there is something you are going to spend money on for your wedding it should be the photographers. I speak from experience when I tell you that you get what you pay for. DON'T simply hire the cheapest person you can find!

What you should do, is check out the Rognon's, take advantage of their special deal, and tell them that we told you about them :).

Like Father Like Son

Is is sacrilegious if my favorite part of General Conference was watching these two tie flies together?

We decided to just listen to Conference on the radio this year instead of trying to watch it on the internet (we don't get tv channels), and Chris and William spent almost the whole Sunday morning session and part of the afternoon session tying flies together while we listened. That is a long time for a little boy to sit still!

Look at that intense concentration!
I was actually able to listen to all four sessions this time relatively undisturbed by the kids and it was so nice! I really look forward to being able to go back and study the talks. But seriously, nothing beats watching Chris and William working together!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Since We've Been Home...

You would think that a weekend getaway would bring Chris and I closer together, but shortly after we came home Chris started talking about picking up some "chicks", and he wouldn't let the subject drop! Finally I gave in.

Usually I would be terribly jealous and possessive, but I decided that If he really really wanted them I could tolerate a few cute little fuzzy chickens. They'd better watch out if they don't give us some good eggs though! :)

I'll be honest. When Chris said he wanted to get baby chicks and keep them in the basement instead of the garage, I was very skeptical. He assured me that he would be completely in charge of them for the duration of their stay inside and that he would clean out their cage every single day so that it wouldn't stink. And he's been true to his word.

Here they are the night we brought them home. Even I could admit that they are pretty cute! Our kids were so so so so excited when we took them to the store and got all of the stuff and picked out five. They absolutely love them!
And, surprisingly, I've grown quite fond of the little things. We were having so much fun watching them grow that when they started getting bigger and Chris suggested putting them in the garage I told him I'd rather keep them inside where we can see them and play with them all the time. I can't even tell you how much the kids love them, especially William. He constantly wants to "show you the chicks" (as if I didn't live with them) and begs me to hold them at least 17 times a day. He pets them very gently and talks to them softly and even holds them on his arm or in his lap.

Isaac is fascinated too, but his fascination soon turned into banging on their cage, and almost knocking it off the table. I had to watch him closely for a while!
They have grown so fast, and pretty soon a couple started being able to get up on the edge. They really liked to roost here.
This picture just makes me laugh! These two would constantly be up on the sides and that was okay until one day i walked in and one was on the floor and had left a whole trail of poop for me to clean up. After that we put a top on!
William watching the chickadees as usual.
Chris made them a roost for their box, but pretty soon they were just too big for the place and were starting to get in fights and get in eachother's way. They had grown this much after less than 3 weeks of us having them!
Love that smiling face :) Notice how William has strategically placed a laundry basket for them to fly into? Definitely time for a bigger home!
So Chris spent a Saturday (that he had taken off work to go fishing, but they ended coming home early) making a big box for them complete with a window for Isaac to look through, and a roost for them to sit on.

Here they are discovering their new home. They are so much happier now!
The handy man and his work.
I can't even tell you how much this kid loves these chicks! It's been so much fun watching him with them and I can't wait till it's warm outside and they have a chicken coop (which Chris has elaborate plans for) and the kids get to help feed them, and run around with them and gather the eggs.
We have several different varieties (all of which Chris put careful research into) and it will be fun to get different colored eggs. They should be ready to go outside by the end of April and will be ready to lay eggs around the end of July or August!