Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Favorites: Action Sequence

I caught this funny photo sequence of my kids going down a water slide that one of the people in our neighborhood put up at the park last week.  It makes me laugh, especially watching Isaac. 

Boosh! Water in the face!

The only shot I missed was the one of Isaac getting up laughing and running up the hill to go down again, which he did...over and over again.  These pictures were only the second time Isaac went down.  At first he was very apprehensive and didn't want to go down even when some of the older girls and even one of the other Mom's offered to take him down on their laps.  Then I asked him if he wanted to hold William's hand and go down and he said he did.  It was so sweet to see the confidence he felt in going down with his brother and William was very kind and took him down willingly.  After that there was no fear, and not even flipping around and getting water straight to the face could deter Isaac.  William got so brave that he was going down on his back head first!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photo Book

Shutterfly photo books offer a wide range of artful designs and embellishments to choose from.

I made this photo book of our reunion last year and since I never got to posting about it at the time, I thought I'd share my book on here.  Plus I get a 10 dollar credit for sharing it! Yay!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Favorite: My Water Bottle

When I am nursing I have a tendency to get severely dehydrated.  It has happened with all three of my babies.  With William I didn't realize that that was why I was feeling so yucky but I finally figured it out with Isaac and realized that I had the same symptoms as the last time I had been nursing.  So I started drinking a ton of water and it really helped.  This time I was prepared and so I started drinking water early and felt a lot better.  As soon as I slacked off though, some of my previous symptoms returned.

I expressed to Chris that I wished I had my own water bottle because I would often be thirsty when I woke up at night to nurse but never wanted to go upstairs and get a drink, and the next day he came home with this:

 I have LOVED this water bottle.  I carry it around with me all day and just keep refilling it and it makes it so much easier for me to drink as much water as my body needs throughout the day.  Yay for the simple things that make life better!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Anyone looking to knock Chris out?  Well, I'll tell you his great weakness....

Chris can not hold our baby with out being asleep in about 2 seconds. Every. Single. Time. I have to make sure I don't ask him to take the baby unless I am prepared for him to take a nap, and Sacrament Meeting is pretty hilarious.  Chris fights hard, but Elijah's soporific power is just too much for him. 

 Honestly though I can't deny that they are pretty stinking sweet snoozing away together.