Friday, November 12, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

I have been wanting to take family pictures for a couple of months, but haven't really wanted to spend the money on them, so a couple of weeks ago we went out and tried to take them ourselves. Let's just say we got some cute ones of the kids, but none of our whole family. We came close though, and we figured that if we just got someone else to come along and make the kids smile we could make it work. So despite last Sunday being Fast Sunday and Isaac not having had a nap, I got the family (aka Chris :)) up and out, and my Mom and Tim were nice enough to come with us to help.

Tim ended up actually taking the pictures, and he did a great job for his first time ever trying to take pictures. However, since Issac hadn't had a nap he was very hard to get a smile out of. He wasn't crying, just completely somber. Most of the pictures turned out with his face saying "Are we done yet?". However, with much effort on the part of Grandma we managed to get a few cute ones and that was enough to satisfy me. Just in time too! It snowed the next day and every day since.

Anyway, here are my favorites.

And here's some from our previous attempt. First a cute one of the brothers, and then one of just Issac. Don't think that we don't love William enough to give him his own picture. We do, it's just really really hard to catch him. We haven't gotten one that we loved yet, but I am determined that we will at some point!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Weekend

We had a three day celebration of Halloween this year. Festivities started Friday morning when a couple friends and I took the kids trick-or-treating at Melaleuca. Every year they decorate the building really awesome in different themes and everyone dresses up. You walk through the whole building, and get lots of candy. :) This year they had a Wild Wild West section (complete with gold mine) a Candy Land room, How to Train Your Dragon, Toy Story etc. We had a great time! Here's a picture of all the kids (minus Chandler who was being camera shy). Aren't they cute?

Chris had to work Friday and Saturday (and ended up working till after 11 both days) so Friday night I took the kids to his parent's ward Trunk-or-Treat and chili cook-off by. Since I was trying to keep track of two kids, hand out candy, get food for the three of us and eat while Isaac was trying to dump all the food in my lap, the last thing on my mind was taking pictures.

Friday night was one of the funniest parts of the whole weekend. We had borrowed William's monkey costume from Katherine (thank you-I really didn't want to make a "bird with wings" costume which is what he at said he wanted at first) and he had been VERY excited about it and hadn't wanted to take the costume off. Isaac wore the same puppy costume I had made for Will a couple of years ago. Anyway, in the middle of the night I woke up to William sobbing. Sometimes when he cries like that in the night he has to go to the bathroom, but can't wake up enough, so I went in to check, but he was obviously still pretty sound asleep. I asked him what was the matter, and in his sleep he mumbled "I wanted to be a puppy!!!," and then was back to sleep. It sure made me laugh that THAT was what he was dream-crying about!

Saturday was our ward's trunk-or-treat and chili cook-off (must be a Mormon thing :)). They had it at the park and had a little train ride and games, and it was a lot of fun. Here are my kids on the train. Isaac was pretty skeptical in this picture and was sobbing half way through, so I took him out. William wasn't quite sure he liked it either, but was excited at the beginning if you can't tell by his cheesy grin.

I came up with spur of the moment costume's for Tim and I to wear, and we had an epic Wizard's duel right in the middle the park. Obviously, I won.

The kids had a lot of fun playing on the playground (and stuffing their faces with candy) and although I could not get a decent picture of my boys together, I did manage to get a couple cute ones separately. I really like my kids!

I think every kid should have an uncle Tim! They love him so much and he is so great with him. We are sure going to miss him when he goes back to college.

Here he is leading all the kids in a pagan ritual dance to the gods of autumn around Issac. Isaac looks pretty content to be king of the ceremonies, don't you think?

And here are some of my kids with their cousins that live here in town. Don't mind the comatose looks, they had devoured excessive amounts of sugar and red dye. At least Trey looks happy!

Sunday was the day we had with Dad, and so after the usual church, naps, dinner, etc. we carved pumpkins. Will had been so excited to carve pumpkins with Daddy that he begged to go home after Sacrament meeting so we could. He kept asking if it was time yet. How about now? How about now? :) Isaac didn't last very long into the carving process and had to be put to bed, but we did get a cute picture of him in his church clothes with a pumpkin.

I usually don't enjoy doing things like carving pumpkins because I am way to perfectionistic and never live up to my own standards, but this time I just let go and actually had a lot of fun. Here we are with the finished products. William had insisted on a frowny face for his. Don't ask me why, it certainly doesn't match his face :).

And here they are in the dark. Spoooooky!!!

And of course, even though Halloween was almost over, we still put them out on the porch. Lucky for us, Popeye showed up just as we were putting them out!

All in all it was a very enjoyable/exhausting Halloween Weekend!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our First Photo Shoot

Chris did a photo shoot for our friends Halsey and Mark yesterday, and I went along to make the baby smile. We had a lot of fun even though it was the coldest, most rainy and windy day we have had yet. Their adorable baby KJ did amazing for how awful it was outside, and we were able to get some fun pictures. Don't judge too harshly, as this is the first time we have ever done something like this. Here are some samples.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hayley Westenra

We discovered Hayley Westenra a while ago and absolutely love her. Chris wasn't sure that he loved her voice at first, but she eventually really grew on him, and now he loves her music. I was hooked the first time I heard her. Honestly, I usually like listening to men's voices much more than womens, but something about Hayley just grabbed me. Listening to her music just makes me happy, so I thought I would share!

This is one of my favorites, and I also love this and this.

And while I'm at it I might as well share another favorite-Celtic Woman. Love this group! But really, I think you have to watch them on video to get the full scope. I would absolutely love to see them live, but as that will probably never happen, I will have to just be content with the DVD.

Enjoy this and this as a small sampling.

Friday, October 1, 2010

William's Third

Yesterday this wonderful boy turned 3 years old.

I love this picture. To me it captures a whole lot of William. For example:

-William is hard to get good front pictures of because he is way to busy to stand still and look at a camera, even for a second. By the time you take the picture he is off to do something else.

-In this picture he is wearing his rubber boots with his jeans pushed up. He loves to be outside helping in the garden, digging in the dirt, making rivers and lakes and mowing the lawn. He likes to refer to himself as "A working man".

-Water holds a special fascination for William. He is drawn to it like flies to honey! When on walks, he can sense a hidden canal about a mile away, and though I usually protest that there is no water around, he is invariably right.

-Right along with his love of water goes his love of fishing. It really is hard to believe something like that can be genetic, but it must be, because I'm telling you...this boy was born to fish. The other day we went on a drive and ended up down by the river, so I decided to get the kids out to look at the ducks and the waterfall. As William was running around he kept saying, "I should have brought my fishing pole! I should have brought my fishing pole!" I replied that he would have had to come with Daddy because "Daddy is the one who knows how to catch fish." Without missing a beat he said matter-of-factly, "But I know how to catch fish."

-William has a very vivid imagination. He seemed to start playing imagination games very young. In this picture William had made a "river" in the backyard where Chris was working on putting in a fire pit, and then was perfectly content to "go fishing" the whole morning. It's actually pretty handy that he has such a good imagination because he will often be content with pretending to do something (or eat something) that we can't do or eat at the moment. It has helped sidetrack many tantrums!

Some other fun facts and pictures:

*Last Sunday one of William's nursery teachers told me, "He talks like a 12 year old!" And it's really true! Not only is his vocabulary amazing, but also his ability to pick up on concepts, to talk about weird things in context, and to form complex sentences . I have to be really careful what I say around the kid because invariably I will hear it will come back out of his mouth at some point down the road.
One funny example of this was a time this summer when we were driving somewhere in the car. I started trying to read some of one of the Narnia books to Chris in the front seat, but in the back seat the boys started having a screaming contest. They were both yelling at the top of their lungs, trying to top each other. I made it about a page in the book and then gave up. Later that evening we were back home eating dinner and William was playing with a toy giraffe. He started telling me about the animal and then told me, "His name is Aslan." I asked him what he had said and he told me again. I then asked him what he knew about Aslan, and he told me, "Well you were just reading about him." In the car I had barely been able to hear myself so I have no idea how he heard me at all, especially over his own screaming, but I really shouldn't be surprised anymore.

*William always wants to swing higher, go faster and play louder

*William knows quite a few letters of the alphabet by their sounds (he doesn't know the letter name, but can tell you what sound they make, and usually has a word or two to associate it with). He is especially good at finding W's (WUU for WILLIAM!!) everywhere and likes to go through the newspaper and circle all of them that he can find.

It was amazing to me how many pictures we have of William with a stick in his hands

*William loves music and dancing. He stole the show at our Relief Society activity the other night by getting up and dancing his heart out to the modified version of YMCA we were singing. He is always begging to play the violin, and sings constantly. He often makes up his own silly songs, sometimes with nonsense words, and sometimes with real words.

*William gives amazing hugs, and says, "I love you Mommy!" or "I love you Daddy!" several times every day.

*William loves having his back and neck rubbed. Often after crawling into bed he will turn over, pull his shirt up and say, "Rub my back soft mom!" I love that he and Chris get the exact same expressions on their faces when I rub their backs. They remind me of cats purring while you stroke their fur.

*William needs to be involved in anything that grownups are doing. If my mom is sewing he wants to be right beside her playing with buttons, or zippers or whatever, just as long as he's a part of things. He'll also make sure to ask, "Oh, Why?" at least 100 times during the process.

William loves to ride Isaac around in the back of his bike, I just haven't managed to get a good picture of it yet

*William loves snuggling up and having books read to him. When you read a new book to him he usually wants it read over and over and over until he understands everything about it and has asked about every picture. He loves poems, and also non-fiction children's books (about various kinds of animals, the seasons, different cultures etc.)

*Every time William prays you can count on him either saying,"Thank Thee that Daddy got home" or "Please bless that Daddy will get home soon".

He walked straight into this creek before we could say a word, and proceeded to reel in big fish with a stick

*William adores nursery and his nursery leaders. They are a couple of really wonderful grandmotherly women, and he loves them so much!

*William is a jokester!

He was laughing so hard about this monster bag that he threw up-gross, I know!

*If there is any kind of mischief going on you can be pretty sure that William is front and center and most likely the mastermind.

Happy Birthday Kiddo! We love you!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top of Utah Marathon

Last Saturday (Sept. 18) my friend Elizabeth and I ran the Top of Utah Marathon (26.2 miles). Here we are coming into the finish after 4 hours and 55 minutes. You can tell that we aren't tired at all :). Our running time was actually around 4:38, which was right around our goal time, but we ended up having to spend more time in line for porta potties than we had anticipated. All in all I was glad that we finished in under 5 hours, and by the 22-23 mile I just wanted to be done so bad that I didn't care what time we finished as long as it was over.

Right after the race-holding my medal. I decided that the medal is not enough compensation.

And the sweaty friends! So glad Elizabeth was there running beside me the whole way! I am SO glad I didn't try to run it on my own.

Toward the end of the race I just kept thinking about how much I wanted to see my family. I saw someone that I thought was Chris holding Isaac a little ways before the end and was so excited, but then realized it wasn't him. It made it even better when I did see them! After the race the runners come out in the "runners coral" where families aren't allowed, so I talked to them through the fence and shared my ice cream sandwiches.

I really really love this guy! I can't tell you how much it means to know that he is always there to support me, even when I decide to do crazy things like run a marathon. I don't know what I would do without him.

And he must really love me-because he hugs me even when I am sweaty and gross!

Not long after we stopped running I started feeling pretty terrible, especially when I was standing in the hot sun. I was really light headed and nauseous and would have to sit in the shade for quite a while before I started feeling better. Then I would get up and think I was fine for a while, just to realize that I wasn't. This face is a really good indicator of how awful I felt!

The nice thing was that the park where the race ended was mostly nice and shady and had this fun little creek for the boys to play in, so I just sat down in the shade for quite a while and recuperated while William and Sebastian ran around and had a great time.

I love their cute rolled up pant legs!

Isaac had fallen fast asleep with his mouth open in the stroller and slept the whole time we were just sitting around trying to recover.

I decided that for me, running a marathon was a lot like childbirth. I did my best to prepare, but didn't really know what to expect. For the first quite a while it was exciting and fun because you know you are doing something really cool. Toward the end it gets really really hard, and you really just want it to be over. And then it suddenly IS over, but the difference is that in childbirth you have this beautiful little baby that totally compensates for all the pain you just went through. When you are finished running a marathon--it is just over. Afterwards with both you feel somewhat miserable, except with a marathon you don't have this sweet little baby who is dependent on you for everything and makes cute sleeping noises. You just have a medal and the knowledge that you did something really hard.

All in all I was glad I did it and I don't regret it at all, but I seriously doubt I will ever do it again!

Hail the Conquering Hero!

Tim's Home!!

Here are some of us waiting Monday evening for his plane to arrive. His plane was scheduled to come in at 5:45, and my dad had checked that it had left on time. We were of course trying to get the last bit ready at home and hadn't left yet at 5:00 when we got a call from Lyndon and Bonnie at the airport saying his plane was now coming in at 5:21. My parents jumped in their car and went, and Chris and I grabbed the kids as fast as we could. We arrived at the airport at about 5:23 and ran inside to find that the plane was now scheduled to come in at 5:47, and actually didn't come until about 5:50. It was pretty funny, and we were all relieved that we hadn't been late. :)

My cute little sister and my baby.

William had heard us saying that we had to grab our cameras and so he insisted that he had to bring his camera too. It's a good thing it was already in the car, because there's no way I would have taken time to find it, and we probably would have had a very mad 2 year old on our hands.

Here he comes!

Of course Mom gets the first hug :)

With Dad

Who are you?!!!!

Meeting Isaac for the first time

Lyndon and Bonnie-Our wonderful adopted grandparents

The Adams

Travis and Zach Grant

Matching Scottish plaid ties. That's for you uncle Aaron!

It's so fun to have Tim home, even though it adds to the already considerable chaos at this house! And of course my kids already love him!