Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year, New Classes

Today is the first Sunday of the new year, which means new primary classes for William and Isaac. And since Elijah just turned 18 months and is now an official nursery member (having Grandma as the nursery leader means you get spoiled and go to nursery when you are about a year) I figured it would be fun to snap some pictures of them this morning before we went to church.  Now, bear in mind that our church time changed from 11 to 9 today so when I say snap a few pictures I mean make the kids stand on the porch for one minute total as you are running out the door and hope something turns out. I did not even try to get them all together, since that is insanity on a whole new level. But hey, I was pretty impressed that we were all ready (I even did their hair-which is hit and miss even with 11:00 church) I took some pictures, and we made it to church just before the opening hymn :). 

William: CTR 6

Isaac: CTR 4

Elijah: Nursery
I do have to say that I think they are pretty cute.  It's hard to believe Isaac isn't a sunbeam any more.  His class is sitting on big chairs now and it makes me feel like he is so older.  William's class is combined with the class above it (although that will change soon) so for now he is in the oldest of the junior primary classes. WHAT? And Elijah is loving nursery.  He does the actions to all the songs and acts like he is one of the big kids the whole time.  When did I get so old??? When did my kids get so big???!!!!

On a random note, Chris brought home this picture he drew at work when he was having some of his patients draw a picture titled "where I see myself in 5 years."  This was his, make of it what you will.  I find it a endearing and a little amusing :).

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