Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Years Eve

We decided to take a quick trip to Utah as a family on New Years Eve because Chris just happened to have two days off in a row and we had been wanting to see the lights at Temple Square.  It had also been a long time since we had seen my grandma and thought it would be really nice to get to visit with her.  I was aching to get out of the house and do something different since Isaac, Elijah and I had all been really sick and had hardly left the house in almost 10 days.

We got to Salt Lake in the early afternoon and decided to spend our time at the City Creek Mall while we waited for it to get dark so we could go enjoy the lights.  We ate at the Cheescake Factory and then just wandered around visiting different stores, and looking at the creek and letting the kids get their wiggles out.  Chris was a gem and let me shop at several stores by myself for a while while he walked around and looked at the creek with the kids.

Apparently this was absolutely magical for Isaac, because every day since we've been home he has talked about, drawn pictures of and asked to go back to the "Utah Mall".  Little did we know that killing a few hours at the mall would be a memory he would cherish!

 Once it got dark we bundled up and went to see the lights.  It was COLD!! But very pretty.  The kids loved looking at everything and I think liked being out at night.  We walked around for a while and then went in the visitors center to warm up before making our way back to the car. 

Elijah kept holding his hands up in this funny way even though we tried to get him to snuggle them up to stay warm. 

Silly, silly kids! But quite adorable.

More silliness

They were so squirelly! Chris tried to get a picture of me with them and this is the best we got. Elijah was trying his hardest to squirm off my lap. He wanted to run!

We then drove the rest of the way to my grandma's house, and got to visit with her for a while before putting the kids to bed.  Chris and I tried to watch Lord of the Rings but were both lame and fell asleep before midnight so we missed ringing in the new year.  Oh well...I get to kiss him any time I want :).

The next day we hung out and visited with grandma for the morning.  I had really wanted to get some pictures with her and totally forgot till we were driving away.  I keep kicking myself for forgetting! That day we went to Cabela's and Ikea because they are both fun (Elijah LOVED the fish and all the animals at Cabela's), then ate yummy pizza and drove home.  The whole trip was fun and relaxing and so nice to just spend uninterrupted time with our little family. 

Post bath after coming home from Utah. 

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