Monday, November 25, 2013


For my birthday a year or two ago Chris gave me one of those hand held electric back massager things and today the kids saw it and pulled it out.  They were trying to convince me to pay them "twenty five REAL cents for a massage" or one dollar for 5 massages every day, or 10 dollars for a hundred massages every day etc.

I kept trying to convince them that they were using MY massager to earn money so I should get to have massages for free.  They were pretty stubborn about needing to be paid though, (quite the little businessmen) so I finally convinced William that he should give me a massage and then I would give him a massage and then we would pay each other a quarter.

Of course after all that work to convince him, when I laid down on the floor Elijah though it was hilarious to come sit on my head or lay down on my back, so Wiliam ended up giving him more of a massage than me, which was hilarious because Elijah thought it was hilarious and was giggling and belly laughing like crazy on top of me, which made all of us laugh, except when I couldn't because he was bouncing on my head.

When I gave William his massage he could NOT stop laughing.  It was so ticklish to him everywhere that the only place I could use without him cracking up was his calves.  Of course, that didn't really stop me from trying out his stomach and his sides and his feet and his armpits :). And it was pretty hilarious that after all his negotiations he was content to have me hand him a quarter and then hand it back to me. HA!

Then of course Isaac wanted me to give him a massage and he was even worse than William.  They were all giggling like crazy and Elijah kept trying to climb on top of whoever was laying down, and my hair was a crazy mess and it was a lot of fun.  The whole thing was just silly and funny from the start to the finish.

My kids are silly and exhausting and messy and smart and helpful and helpless and crazy and cute and naughty and I love hearing them laugh.  I'm grateful I got to enjoy that funny little time with them today. 

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